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Why show on the Trillium Circuit?

  • It is the longest standing and most successful league of EC silver sanctioned horse shows in the country.

  • The season culminates in a Provincial Championships between the 7 zones in Ontario

  • Each show offers a standardized program for all levels. Clear and consistent rules make for a fair and level playing field.

  • Certified officials, professional management and medic services ensure that safety is a top priority.

  • Continued education through fun Member's Events.

  • Fun, safe, friendly atmosphere where you can complete your division in one day and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

What do I need to show on South West?

In order to compete at any South West Trillium Show, you (owners and riders) will need your Equestrian Canada Membership and your Ontario Equestrian Membership.  Unless you are only competing in the Hack Division or the Bronze Pilot Project Divisions, your horse will also require an Equestrian Canada Horse Recording.

Want to accumulate points for Championships and Year End Awards?

In order to accumulate points, you (both owner and rider) must also purchase a Trillium Hunter Jumper Association Membership for the South West Zone

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