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Lacey May Jamieson Memorial Trophy

Riley Dobson Memorial Award

Lacey May Jamieson 1997 - 2013

Lacey Jamieson began riding at a young age, and became a competitive rider on the South West Trillium Circuit. 

 She started out in the pony divisions and worked her way up to competing as 

a jumper rider. She qualified for Trillium Championships on many occasions and was fortunate enough to bring home ribbons against some of the best in the province. She was a hard-working and dedicated rider as well as helpful and encouraging to her fellow competitors. Always with a smile on her face and a great positive attitude. She was well liked by our local equestrian community and also, with the help of Social Media, the Global equestrian community.

Sadly, on October 13, 2013 at the age of 16, Lacey passed away suddenly of a rare blood disease called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). She had just

finished a stellar 2013 season competing in the 1.1 metre jumper division, where she finished the year as the overall Champion.  In honour of her accomplishment and love for this particular division, Vicki Edgar of Cohen Highly Law Firm created and donated the Lacey May Jamieson Memorial Trophy. Lacey will be remembered and honoured by this Memorial Trophy that will be presented yearly to the Champion of the 1.1 metre Jumper Division. Lacey's bond with horses, presence and beautiful smile will be sadly missed by all of the South West Community.

                                    - Doug & Diana Jamieson

2021 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Ariel Clark

Happy Boy Van Het Palmenhof

2022 1.10 m Jumper Champion


2019 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Rachelle Diament

I Am Canadian

Dyment 3.jpg

2018 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Janet West

So Good

Janet West.jpg

2017 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Carson Lewis

Miss Scarlett

Carson L.jpg

2016 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Rebecca Graham

Evening Star

2014 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Andrea Young


2015 1.10 m Jumper Champion

Danielle Sparks

Just Like Magic

Riley Dobson 2000 - 2016

Riley Dobson was an active competitor on the Ontario Trillium Circuit, both in the Central West and South West regions.  Tragically, on February 22, 2016, Riley passed away.  Riley made his mark on the South West community in a short time and formed many strong friendships.  He is sadly missed.

The Riley Dobson Memorial Award is a nominated award open to a South West Trillium Hunter Jumper Association members who exemplify the qualities most remembered in Riley.

Riley was known for his desire to learn; for his hard work and dedication to the sport; for supporting all other competitors; for his mismatched socks, and or always putting the horse first.  This award celebrates the qualities that Riley stood for.  #WWRD

2023 Recipient

Lauren Edwards

Untitled design.png

2022 Recipient

Mya Taggart


2019 Recipients

Katie Turner

Katie Turner.jpg

2018 Recipients

Amelia Rudiger

2018 Dobson Award Winner.jpg

2017 Recipients

Mairwyn Hall

2017 Dobson Award Winner.jpg

2016 Recipients

Chelsey Hillis

Alexis Coombs

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